It can not be emphasized enough: we are not merely a consulting company!!! We get our organisational knowledge from our training, the participants, the business partner and Management and HR. With this knowledge plus our industry knowledge we can offer selected consulting expertise. Unlike pure consulting companies which sell in order to sell, we sell in order to enhance value for the company and the employee.
Our core added value is in the area of Target Client Module in the banking industry. We advise on the pros and cons of an existing Target Client Module, we may suggest changes, and help when it comes to Client Segmentation and the implementation of the new module. Here we are strong believers in Value Based Management approaches. This we accomplish with Wallet Sizing as a tool and get the minds of the people to think in one direction with our Client Alignment Sessions. In other words, we apply what we “preach” and “teach” in "Get to Know Banking".

"Increase your Impact & Influence" was designed as a stand alone course. However, it came in quite handy when a large multinational wanted to have a common approach to a changed environment – after several major restructures and downsizing the employees where in strong need of direction. Increase your Impact & Influence helped here to establish a common foundation of understanding and of working together. Although slightly adapted, it helped to implement senior manager’s new strategy and thinking.