Get To Know Banking

Banking at its Best

With an extremely steep learning curve and from such ­– a well rounded understanding of banking, its key drivers and future developments are the usual outcome of this course. Get to Know Banking covers not only Product Knowledge, Strategic Management, Liquidity-, Interest- and Credit Risk, Capital Account and Cost & Profitability Management, Best in Class Banking and Value Based Management but also the immensely important soft skill side of banking.

GTKB is everything but a general course. It is at the core of banking. While competency based product courses merely teach knowledge,


The main thread through the course is the Steering Committee. Throughout the week, teams of participants manage fictitious banks, competing with each other in a closed market. This enables the participants to exert control over the key management variables of banking and to come to grips with the difficulties of running a bank in a competitive environment. Complement this with extensive use of teamwork, presentations, case studies, role plays and real life examples and experiences, story telling and enhancing videos,it all adds up to a highly successful training experience.

“Intense”, “Invigorating”, “what a steep learning curve”, “an eye opener” is common feedback we receive from our participants after 4 or 5 days of training.

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