sapere aude

... dare to think ...

... this is also the theme behind our company and the never ending hunger for knowledge and understanding. Unfortunately today we see senior managers constantly cutting learning and development expenses in bad times, however, we believe and can prove that every cent spent in learning and training will not only reward the learners but will ultimately benefit the company handsomely.

Although we offer the whole range of Learning and Development products with our network partners, sapere aude emphasise 2 main products:
  • Get To Know Banking, which is an intense and invigorating course on banking knowledge. With some of our clients, Get To Know Banking is sometimes connected to consulting services at international operating banks in areas of Client Target Model, Client Segmentation, Wallet Sizing and Client Alignment Sessions.
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  • Increase your Impact & Influence, it is a gentle learning progression on all of your senses. Although perfectly fitting as a stand alone course, we use it sometimes for corporate restructuring to jump start a new corporate strategy.
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Both products, though very different in nature, are inextricably connected to enhance the knowledge and most of all the understanding of the learner … on both sides of the brain ;-) Complement these highly effective training courses with a huge network of high calibre trainers and coaches, both products and people skills, as well as state of the art e-learning, LMS, Profiling and 360° feedback providers; … all combined, it makes sapere aude a business partner you really can rely on.