With many a years of learning experience, we have gained

a wide range of trusted network partners.

Your company can benefit from a vast range of services - from single coaching sessions to a complete outsourcing of your L&D activities. With our Network, let us support you in developing your people:

  • At any level - from the apprentice to the top management

  • With any number - from on-on-one coachings to large-scale events

  • For any topic - from hard banking and business know-how to the softer people skills

A pulsating network of possibilities for your company - and all from one hand.

Here you can read of a few examples of what we have achieved so far together with our Network.

One of the world's leading banking institutions requested 
our support to maximize the potential in a challenging and 
demanding time.

The situation:

  • Their presence in an Eastern European country was expanding explosively.

  • They introduced a new product group to their service portfolio.

Their challenges:

  • Integrating the new product group, with its young and different culture, into existing structures and leveraging both cultures to bring the bank forward

  • Maintaining momentum when constant people and product additions threatened the close cooperation of the various divisions.

The solution:

  • A common, one-organization vision and strategy embedded in all levels

We started with a strategy workshop at top management level to determine where the bank wanted to be and how they could harness their resources to get there. In the subsequent workshops with other management levels, we developed implementation plans together to ensure that all divisions and levels were pulling in the same direction.

After numerous interviews and workshops, we created a learning curriculum for all management levels, aiming for a standard leadership quality. This included a 360° review which evaluated pre-defined competencies, resulting in training initiatives focusing on developing these competencies.

Reflecting the need for all individuals pulling together, we highlighted three leadership aspects: leading myself, leading my team and leading the organization. 

The kick-off of the training program brought the entire management team together for an outdoor training activity to reinforce the motto "one bank no boundaries"

Workshops mixed divisions from different areas together, leading to a better understanding for the co-workers work, environment and challenges. New personal networks were established across the board, vastly improving the cooperation and overall climate. 

Implementing the strategy together - empowerment through involvement  - and anchoring a unified leadership standard enabled our client to step into a positive future as a team.