With many a years of learning experience, we have gained

a wide range of trusted network partners.

Your company can benefit from a vast range of services - from single coaching sessions to a complete outsourcing of your L&D activities. With our Network, let us support you in developing your people:

  • At any level - from the apprentice to the top management

  • With any number - from on-on-one coachings to large-scale events

  • For any topic - from hard banking and business know-how to the softer people skills

A pulsating network of possibilities for your company - and all from one hand.

Here you can read of a few examples of what we have achieved so far together with our Network.

A large international bank requested our support to master 
these challenges:

  • Profitability needed a shot in the arm in the face of increasing competition. The burning question was: "How can we earn more money now?"
  • Constant changes in the international banking environment meant that action was needed to maintain high staff motivation.

Together with all management levels we held a strategy workshop to define measures for the corporate and retail business. Employees with direct customer contact were involved, so that we had frontline input.

Building on our decade-long experience in the banking field, we not only acted as process coaches, but were also active contributors of new ideas and impulses. Our standing and banking expertise represented real added value. 

Putting our heads together created a common mindset: instead of the usual "It won't work," the attitude became "How can we make it work?" Even change-resistant staff members were imbued with a new spirit. 

Transforming their ideas into action gave frontline employees a new sense of purpose: now regular cross-departmental sales meetings are held with lively discussions on "What additional products and services can we offer?"  Staff take responsibility for implementing decisions made and monitoring progress. Aaa-Learning accompanies the process when requested, as coaches and as experts.

The ball is still rolling: sustainable spirit and profit enhancements are the result.