With many a years of learning experience, we have gained

a wide range of trusted network partners.

Your company can benefit from a vast range of services - from single coaching sessions to a complete outsourcing of your L&D activities. With our Network, let us support you in developing your people:

  • At any level - from the apprentice to the top management

  • With any number - from on-on-one coachings to large-scale events

  • For any topic - from hard banking and business know-how to the softer people skills

A pulsating network of possibilities for your company - and all from one hand.

Here you can read of a few examples of what we have achieved so far together with our Network.

The German corporate banking market for small to medium sized companies has been dominated by savings and cooperative banks.

Over the last 10 years the big private banks had pulled out of this segment as the competition did not allow returns that meet international standards. As a result there was hardly any competition for new business and hence an easy life for Relationship bankers. This has changed; foreign and big domestic banks are re-entering the market from the top end and Internet banks with attractive standardized products from the bottom.

A top savings bank engaged us to deliver some training for its sales force to defend the existing business. The training soon revealed that this bank had no strategy nor business policy and basically acted only on request of its clients. In a one day workshop with both senior and junior management of the business unit we designed a complete strategy including some minor restructuring. This business strategy was documented in a 4-page policy paper with immediate effect. All sales people attended a further 2-days training and in addition got a full day business coaching.

In the first 12 months after the implementation this business unit made an additional operational profit of 12% compared to the previous year. This was about 10-times the investment on the entire HR-project.